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Author Bio

Joseph Miles was born on January 12, 1961 in Augusta, Georgia. Always fascinated with the unknown, Joseph became a fan of horror movies and books early in life. At about the age of 13 he had a friend whose pet guinea pig had died, and she believed that by cleaning the rodent's cage it would coax its spirit back if only for an instant. During the night, while his friend was sleeping, Joseph messed up the cage in classic guinea pig fashion and then returned to bed. He was awakened the next day by an ecstatic friend standing over him yelling "G.P. came back!!"

He never told her differently.

Joseph has written one novel, several poems, and many short stories, most of which are included in his collection Machinations - 11 Tales of Death and Despair.Considering all things past, Joseph has managed to raise two beautiful daughters with his wife Debra who passed in September of 2016. There are no guinea pigs, but there is one shih-tzu, and one cat named Minx that was rescued from the brink of death as a kitten. Joseph retired in September of '17 but returned to work in 2020, because there are only so many reruns of Naked and Afraid one can watch.

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